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Today people are very conscious about how they look to others, and they are uncomfortable with obvious personal flaws. Studies have shown that people tend to focus on the teeth when first meeting others. Adults are now learning that braces are not just for kids and that a dramatic change can be made in their appearance as well as their personalities and self-confidence. Orthodontic treatment for older teenagers and adults is similar because neither will experience significant jaw growth during treatment. There are fewer options available for correcting their problems, and compromises are often necessary. However we are usually able to achieve  very good results that please our older patients. Click Adult Ortho for more information.   


Orthodontic treatment of adults can be much more complicated when they have missing teeth, crowns, bridges, gum disease, etc. It is important for the orthodontist to coordinate treatment plans with the patients' general dentists when bridges, implants or other restorations will be necessary to completely restore their mouths. It is frequently necessary to remove some teeth in order to correct crowded or protruding teeth for adults. However, when teeth are removed the spaces are completely closed during the orthodontic correction.

Protruding or receding jaws, some crossbites, and some open bites cannot be corrected with braces alone in adult patients. For such patients braces can align their teeth beautifully even though the upper and lower jaws may not match properly. For some patients orthognathic surgery of the jaws by an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon is the best treatment alternative. However, even when surgical correction is declined by patients we are usually able to achieve great improvements which  make the braces worthwhile. Some medical insurance policies will cover orthognathic surgery for adults. Click Surgery for more information.

Adults are sometimes reluctant to get braces for a number of reasons. However, we have treated many adults  (some in their seventies)  over the years, and they are always happy with their new smiles. They are glad they decided to have their teeth corrected, and they feel that the results are well worth the inconvenience of having braces. They are quite surprised when most people pay little attention to their braces, and they are often praised for taking on the challenge of self-improvement.  After one of our older ladies had her braces removed and saw her beautiful smile, she seemed a little out of sorts, and she said " I'm angry with myself for waiting so long to get braces, because  my teeth could have looked this way all of those years."  If you are considering orthodontic treatment see an orthodontist now to find out all you need to know about the alternatives for correcting your teeth.

Sometimes we are able to use clear ceramic braces or clear aligners for our adult patients.

Below are before and after photographs of some of the adults we have treated:

Patient KH, a 36 year old female, wore braces 23 months:
KH Before KH Before KH Before
  KH After  

Patient RG, a 28 year old female, wore braces 18 months:

sc2_123.jpg sc2_125.jpg
RG Before RG After

Patient JC, a 57 year old female, wore braces 17 months:

JC Before JC After

Patient AL, a 31 year old male, wore braces 25 months and also had jaw surgery:

AL Before AL Before
al3.jpg sc2_139.jpg
AL After AL After

Patient NB, a 25 year old female, wore braces 19 months:

sc2_164.jpg sc2_166.jpg
NB Before NB After
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