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Clear Aligners

Clear aligners have been around for many years and have been aggressively advertised by the name Invisalign in recent years. The aligners are made of clear plastic material and they fit as coverings over the teeth and are virtually invisible. The company that makes Invisalign aligners advertises them as if they are simply substitutes for conventional braces and can do anything fixed appliances can do. This is misleading and is far from the truth. 





Clear aligners can be effective for patients with relatively minor orthodontic problems, but they do not compare to conventional braces for precise tooth movements, and that is what quality orthodontics demands. It is important to move the roots of the teeth as well as the crowns, and conventional braces do this well, but root movements are much more difficult with aligners.











Patients who choose to be treated with aligners are likely to sacrifice the quality of their treatment just to use that appliance system. Most patients have combinations of problems such as overjet, overbite, crowding, spacing, crossbite, open bite, etc.  Aligners will correct some of the problems, but some are more difficult to correct and often remain only partially corrected, because aligners do not consistently correct some of these problems. Conventional braces are able to simultaneously address all issues and consistently achieve very good results. Invisalign appliances are also quite expensive, and Dr. Rushing can treat mild cases more economically with ceramic brackets or even with removable retainer-like appliances. It is difficult to justify the cost of Invisalign when other options will produce  better results for lower fees. Dr. Rushing does occasionally use clear aligners for very simple cases, and we usually  make the aligners in our own lab. Aligners can also be purchased economically from other companies.

Orthodontists are very well educated and are highly specialized professionals capable of producing excellent smiles and occlusions. Therefore, it seems totally out of character for an orthodontist to agree to treat patients to lower standards with inferior appliances. Dr. Rushing rarely uses clear aligners because it is his professional duty  to provide quality treatment using appliances which will provide the best possible results. After he discusses the pros and cons of aligners and compares them with conventional braces, patients usually realize the benefits of treatment with the braces. If properly educated about their options, patients know what is best for themselves, and make the right choices.

Dentists who take the Invisalign course, which is a few hours of instruction by the company, are designated Certified Invisalign Providers by the company. It is important to know that these dentists are not required to have any education or training in orthodontic diagnosis and treatment, and they have no one to supervise them or to evaluate their results. Their use of the word certified is very misleading because the only certifying board for orthodontics recognized by the American Dental Association is the American Board of Orthodontics (ABO). Dr. Rushing is a Board Certified Orthodontist and earned this status after extensive orthodontic education with direct supervision, several years of treating patients, and extensive examinations by the ABO.  Dr. Rushing took the Invisalign course when it first became available and he became a Certified Invisalign Provider, but the company revoked his certification  because he did not submit an adequate number of cases to the company. Dr. Rushing did not submit enough cases because he is not willing to treat patients with an appliance which he knows will not achieve the excellent results he demands for his patients. The company later offered to reinstate dentists who would take another course, but Dr. Rushing declined.


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