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Our Practice

Treatment Visits

Our patients are usually seen every four weeks for Dr. Rushing to monitor their progress and to make adjustments to their braces as needed. Typical visits vary from fifteen to thirty minutes, but longer visits are necessary for some procedures and for repairing broken or damaged appliances. We are aware that patients and parents have to miss school or work for many appointments, so we make every effort to stay on schedule and respect  everyone's time. Most of our patients are students so we cannot see all of them after school. To minimize the number of school-time appointments, we schedule the longer appointments during school and the shorter ones after 2:30. Every appointment is scheduled specifically for each patient, so we do expect a phone call to change an appointment when a patient cannot be here when scheduled.


The Rushing Orthodontics team is dedicated to providing our patients exceptional orthodontic care in a comfortable, caring, relaxed atmosphere. We provide orthodontic care for children and adults of all ages, and we are committed to treating everyone under our care as we would expect to be treated ourselves. We try to always have open communication with patients and parents to keep them informed about the progress of their treatment. Your questions are important to us and we never want any patient or parent to leave our office with unanswered questions.



     Jackson Office                                                         Clinton Office


We have two locations to conveniently serve patients living in all communities in the metropolitan area. We also serve many patients who live in  communities miles away. Regardless of where they live, our patients may schedule any of their appointments at either location. Both offices are fully equipped so that all procedures can be done in both locations. Click on the Contact Us button for maps and directions.

The following information will help you understand the process of evaluating and planning treatment for our patients. When you call our office we will schedule an examination appointment which is necessary before we can provide specific and accurate information about correcting any orthodontic problems you or your child may have.


Examination Appointment

Although most of our patients are referred to our office by their dentists or friends, a referral is not necessary for us to see you. However we do expect all of our patients to have a check-up by a general dentist before we start any orthodontic treatment, and they are expected to have regular check-up visits during their orthodontic treatment. Call our office and the receptionist will gladly schedule an appointment for Dr. Rushing to evaluate you or your child. This visit is an opportunity for you to meet us and to ask any questions about our office or about orthodontics in general. Before your first visit we will check with your dentist to see if a recent panoramic radiograph has been taken so we can obtain a copy. We request that a parent accompany any patient under 18 years of age, and the  parent will be present in the examination room while Dr. Rushing evaluates  a child or young person.


Dr. Rushing will do a thorough examination to determine what orthodontic problems are present, and he will discuss the options for any necessary treatment. He will also give you a preliminary estimate of the cost of the treatment as well as payment options. If any treatment is recommended, you may be asked to make another appointment to have diagnostic records taken. If no immediate treatment is required for a child, Dr. Rushing usually recommends a future visit so the child's dental development can be monitored. After the examination, Dr. Rushing will inform your dentist about his recommendations.


Diagnostic Records Appointment

Orthodontic treatment can be very complicated even when the teeth appear quite normal to someone who is not an orthodontist. Dr. Rushing  needs special diagnostic records for all patients to properly evaluate their orthodontic problems and to develop individualized treatment plans for correcting their problems. Serious mistakes can be make if braces are placed and treatment is started without proper planning. The diagnostic records for each patient usually include a panoramic radiograph, a cephalometric radiograph, photographs, plaster models of the teeth, and additional measurements and observations by Dr. Rushing.




Consultation Appointment

Two weeks after the diagnostic records are taken, you will have a consultation appointment for Dr. Rushing to show you the records and discuss the problems and treatment options for correction. He will have a specific treatment plan for you or your child. The business manager will help you plan your payments using our interest-free payment plan, and she will discuss insurance payments if applicable.




Placing Braces

Conventional braces are called fixed appliances by orthodontists because they are attached to the teeth. They are made up of brackets which are attached to the teeth and archwires which pass through the brackets from tooth-to-tooth. The brackets are actually specialized "handles" attached to the teeth which allow the teeth to be moved in any direction by the wires and by elastics., elastic chains, springs, etc. We usually schedule a two-hour appointment for placing braces. In most cases we place metal orthodontic bands on the back teeth and metal brackets on the front teeth. We also have clear ceramic brackets available. An assistant will first fit the bands onto your teeth but Dr. Rushing will personally cement all bands and brackets with the help of the assistant. Flexible archwires will be placed and the assistant will give you instructions about brushing, diet and caring for your braces.


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