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"When should a child get braces?" is the most frequently asked question about orthodontic treatment for children. There is a lot of confusion about this because we all see many very young children with braces while many are teenagers before getting braces. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends an examination by an orthodontist no later than seven years of age. Dr. Rushing definitely agrees with the AAO, but this does not mean that he typically places braces on seven-year old children. He rarely places braces or any appliances for children that young.

An orthodontist has the ability to identify developing problems that are not always obvious to parents or even to dentists who have not received the extensive education of an orthodontist. In many cases relatively simple procedures can be done to prevent children  from developing more serious problems which could be very difficult to correct later. There are  some problems which can be corrected very well while the jaws are growing rapidly but cannot be properly corrected later. When children are about six years old the incisors are erupting and they often do not have  enough room to erupt into alignment. Dr. Rushing often asks the patients' dentists to remove certain baby teeth early to allow the permanent teeth to erupt more favorably. This gives the patient a nice smile for a few years before braces have to be placed.

For very young children, an early evaluation simply allows Dr. Rushing to monitor their dental development and to choose the most advantageous time to begin orthodontic treatment. We are often disappointed when we examine teenage patients who should have had  treatment started at a younger age while they were still growing rapidly. Be assured that Dr. Rushing does not want patients to wear braces any longer than is necessary, but he does want to correct any early problems which would prevent him from achieving excellent final results for all patients. 

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